Jewelry for Guys

Women love their jewelry but what about guys? Should men wear as much jewelry as women do? Women wear jewelry as a centerpiece to their outfit while guys wear jewelry as a complement to their outfit. So, back to the original question, should guys wear as much jewelry as women do? According to an article, men should wear jewelry that looks natural versus women who wear jewelry that appears unnatural. Guys should never wear anything that is considered costume jewelry. Costume jewelry is obviously fake, clunky and out of the ordinarily looking. Anything that is chunky with jewels is something that is reserved for women only. A man’s jewelry should be stylish but not necessary noticeable such as the case with costume jewelry. Some examples of necklace styles for guys include: dog tags, chains, religious emblems, pendants, and chokers. When a guy wears a necklace, it is merely an accent piece to a well-dressed outfit. Again, guy jewelry is not meant to be centerpieces such as when women wear them. Some simple rules for men to follow who would like to wear jewelry include: making sure metals match the other metals, starting off with something simple such as a silver watch or cufflinks, how and where it should be placed, making sure to follow any dress code when wearing jewelry at work or school, and knowing any meaning (if any) behind the jewelry.

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